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Help you manage commodity opportunities and risks.

Opportunity and risk caused by commodity price fluctuations are ever-present and can have significant impact on your margins. We take a unique, strategic approach to capturing opportunities and managing those risks, helping you protect what you work hard to build.

Prepare you for whatever the market may do.

Like no other firm, we apply the business practice of scenario planning to commodity price management. We do not focus on where prices might go. Instead...we focus on preparing you for whatever the market may do.

Our company.

Stewart-Peterson is a commodity consulting firm offering opportunity and risk management services. Wherever market volatility endangers the bottom line, we can help.

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There’s nothing more gratifying than protecting our clients from financial pain. The opportunity to do just that continues to grow.

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Managing fuel price opportunities and risks.

In an interview with Truck News Magazine during the Technology and Maintenance Council meetings, Rob Joyce of Stewart-Peterson talks about managing commodity price volatility for the trucking industry. Click here »


Patrick Patton addressed a roomful of dairy producers at World Ag Expo on planning for milk and feed prices. Watch the video here


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Follow Scott Stewart's Strategy Blog

Scott StewartScott challenges conventional wisdom and teaches you how to think in the big picture.

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Discuss Farm Marketing with Other Women

Sometimes funny, always insightful.

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Optimize commodity pricing for your dairy

Increase your knowledge and pick up new ideas on managing milk and feed prices.

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Could you use more market insight as you plan for 2014?

Our new position paper can help you prepare for beef-price volatility.

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Are you responsible for ingredient purchases?

Read the new position paper that may cause you to rethink how you manage ingredient costs.

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PowerHour market discussions

Discuss price opportunities and risks with other dairy producers

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PowerHour Q&A

Learn from the questions producers are asking in discussion groups.

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Corner of Strategy and Discipline

At the Corner of Strategy and Discipline

Hear  Dairyline radio podcasts and download educational resources

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Marketing Well Resource Center 

e-book: Getting started with commodity price management, for dairy producers

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We are proud to sponsor dairy organizations providing educational opportunities for producers.




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