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Questions frequently asked by people
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How long has Stewart-Peterson been in business?
Stewart-Peterson was established in 1985. The company has grown considerably over the years and continues to grow, assisting more producers every year. It is a leading commodity consulting and marketing services firm.

Why should I choose to work with Stewart-Peterson?
You should always work with someone you trust. Our company’s growth is a testament to our long-term customer relationships and ability to be a strong contributor to an agricultural operation’s team. Many of us grew up on farms and some still take part in running an operation today; we understand the drive to create financial security for the family and the operation. Lastly, we make decisions based on each customer’s individual needs and hopes.

How often will you communicate with me?
We will communicate with you often and in multiple ways, matching the level and frequency of communication to your needs and preference. We’re in touch via telephone, broadcast calls (recorded market alerts), email and fax.

What can Stewart-Peterson do that I can’t already do myself?
We make marketing decisions without the influence of emotion. We’re highly strategic and disciplined. And we’re more than one person. While you enjoy working with your own personal advisor, your advisor meets daily with an entire team of advisors who constantly research and discuss strategies and market action. Decisions aren’t made in a vacuum. “Your team” analyzes the best approaches with the least amount of risk.