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Scott StewartScott Stewart – CEO
Scott is a leading authority on marketing strategies and risk management. He believes that consistent and strategic management of commodity prices is the only way to avoid the financial pains inflicted by price volatility. He has provided testimony before the U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Scott has led countless presentations before a variety of audiences on strategies, tactics and techniques. He founded Stewart-Peterson in 1985.

Marshall HartingMarshall Harting – Director of Business Development
Marshall oversees our agricultural and commercial sales divisions. He helps lead initiatives that demonstrate the value of consistently managing commodity prices. Marshall has more than a decade of food-industry management experience, having worked with Kerry Foods, Coca-Cola and most recently Rishi Tea. He has a passion for artisan foods and beverages, and is an owner of Valentine Coffee Roasters, calling it “the epitome of artisan coffee, roasted to possess the character of the natural fruit.”

Patrick PattonPatrick Patton – Director of Client Services

Patrick is an expert at developing and implementing disciplined, consultative approaches to service and team building. He has a history of building executive-level strategic partnerships. Patrick manages our Market360® and commodity advisors, keeping a watchful eye on each client’s bottom line and ensuring client strategic needs are met.  Prior to joining Stewart-Peterson, he served in a variety of senior roles at Rishi Tea Company, Direct Supply Incorporated and Harley Davidson Motor Company. He currently sits on the board of directors for Prescription Analytics, Incorporated.

Carla PetersonCarla Peterson – Director of Support Services

Carla manages the functions that keep Stewart-Peterson operating efficiently. She supervises our IT department, human resources, bookkeeping and accounting departments, and ensures we meet industry compliance standards. She has been with Stewart-Peterson since 1987, having worked in many areas of the company. She serves as a panel member helping to solve client disputes for a large insurance company. Within the community and on church committees, Carla gets things done. She has served as president of her local school’s Parent Teacher League and accreditation steering committee.