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New Times, New Rules –
Take Control of Your Farm Marketing

Paperback, 212 pages

By Scott Stewart (author)

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“You’ll find much good advice in Scott Stewart’s New Times, New Rules -
Take Control of Your Farm Marketing . . . it's very readable. It's disarmingly candid.”

-Dan Looker, Business Editor
Successful Farming, November 2007

Farm marketing has changed, and a new approach to marketing is required. Scott Stewart's published commodity marketing book presents insightful information to today's farmer for staying ahead of the game in the dynamic world of commodity marketing. Pulling from more than 25 years of experience, Scott outlines his strategy for managing opportunities and risks in a personable, easy-to-read, no-nonsense style.

New Times, New Rules – Take Control of Your Farm Marketing will:

  • Give you a new perspective on your approach to commodity marketing and help prepare you for the future.
  • Help you learn how to achieve financial security for your family and the next generation.
  • Dispel old myths, help you understand why marketing is so difficult, and offer valuable tips to reduce marketing frustration.
  • Introduce you to the tools that are needed to become an efficient marketer in this new age of volatility.
  • Encourage you to take a serious look at your marketing and evaluate how you are making your current marketing decisions, how you are implementing those decisions, and what tools and resources you are using to accomplish your marketing objectives.
  • Provide you the framework and perspective to move forward in making sound, professional marketing decisions.
  • Motivate you to take action and make the changes necessary to be a successful agricultural producer for many years ahead.