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If your business success involves managing commodity price fluctuations and values, you’ll need more than promises and predictions. Get the best thinking available about what lies ahead. Our Special Reports analyze potential market and price scenarios, and then we take the important step of helping you prepare for uncertainty.

Download any of our Special Reports in this collection, and watch for new releases from the Stewart-Peterson team of advisors. Or, to have a copy of any of these reports mailed to you, please contact Janet Schneider or call 800.334.9779.

Title: Your farm can be "Great by Choice"

Release date: January 2013

Summary: Read how to apply key concepts from this best-selling book to management of commodity price opportunities and risks. The concepts are based on exhaustive research of businesses that thrive in uncertain environments.

Title: 12 Options Strategies for an Uncertain World

Release date: March 2012

Summary: Read about 12 important strategies producers can use to take control of their marketing in these times of high market volatility and global financial uncertainties.

Title: Heads Up: A Futuristic View of U.S. Agriculture and What You Can Do to Protect Your Prosperity

Release date: February 2011

Summary: This special report explores a future characterized by volatility, wild price swings and economic uncertainty. Read how impending global changes could impact your business.

Title: Preparing for 2011 and Beyond

Release date: November 2010

Summary: This special report is the agricultural producer’s guide to consistent, disciplined marketing in an era of “permanent volatility.”

Title: Adapt Your Marketing to Meet Today’s Challenges

Release date: September 2008

Summary: The follow-up to Stewart-Peterson’s landmark “$12 Corn Special Report,” this report examines key marketing principles such as strategy and discipline, to help producers prepare for new market demands.

Title: The $12 Corn Special Report

Release date: March 2007

Summary: The landmark Special Report that turned heads and stretched minds when it was released in 2007. It is a futuristic look at market volatility, providing ideas to help producers manage opportunities and risk. It remains valuable and relevant today as it describes the conditions that lead to prices that rapidly rise and fall.