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Public speaking topics.

Stewart-Peterson experts speak on a variety market topics. To learn more about a topic or to schedule a speaker, please call 800-334-9779 or email Janet Schneider.

Market Outlook

Find out where the experts at Stewart-Peterson see the markets headed and why.

Tame the Volatility
Where is this crazy rollercoaster headed? Hop on the wild market ride and learn out how to tame those dips and curves for a smooth marketing experience.

The Marketing Tool Box
Not sure what marketing tool to use for that special strategy? One of our master marketing mechanics can show you how.

The Ag Economy: A Futuristic View
Take a near-term look at the economy. Then, peer out to the far future and see what lies ahead, while venturing out in the time machine.

Women-to-Women Marketing
An exclusive ag marketing program designed by women for women. This program can be segmented for any given level of marketing.

Hire An Expert or Be One
You have two choices when it comes to marketing your crops. You can either become the expert or you can hire one. Find out which one is the best match for your operation.

All About Options
(available at beginner or advanced level)
The beginner program covers where to use options and how they work, while the advanced program explains how options can be used for more sophisticated strategies.